Introducing PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer for Orchard and Field Crops
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Introducing PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer for Orchard and Field Crops

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The PQL22/3000 is a type of spray rod Orchard Sprayer designed for orchard and field crops. It is powered by a driving force output shaft wheeled tractor kit with more than 90 horsepower. The Orchard Sprayer is ideal for use in the early stage of rice paddies, on crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, millet, rice, cotton, and a variety of upland crops and orchards.

Here is the content list:

  • Spray Capacity and Range

  • Folding and Lifting Mechanisms

  • Additional Features and Specifications

  • Optional Accessories

  • Advanced Suspension System

  • High Pump Flow Rate

  • Convenient Folding/Lifting Mechanism

Orchard Sprayer

Spray Capacity and Range

The PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer comes in two models - PXI12B/680 and PXI12B/880. The former has a capacity of 600 liters, while the latter has a capacity of 800 liters. The Orchard Sprayer is equipped with a lance spray painting with a range of 12 meters and 24 nozzles. The pump flow of the Orchard Sprayer is 78L/min, ensuring efficient spraying of chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizer.

Folding and Lifting Mechanisms

The PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer is designed with manual folding and lifting mechanisms. This feature allows for easy maneuverability and transport, making it convenient for farmers to move the Orchard Sprayer from one location to another.

Additional Features and Specifications

The PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer has a net weight of 380kgs, making it sturdy and durable. Its overall dimensions are 279cm184cm142cm, providing ample space for the storage of chemicals and other supplies. The Orchard Sprayer is designed to be compatible with tractors with an acuity of 50 HP / 70 HP.

Optional Accessories

The PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer has optional accessories that farmers can use to enhance its performance. The Orchard Sprayer can be fitted with a wind shield, a pressure-stabilized drip-proof valve, and a linear nozzle (compatible with PT106). Optional spray rods are also available, including a copper rod nozzle (NS-20A configuration) and an aluminum telescopic rod (available with the basic configuration sprinkler head). It's important to note that the basic configuration for the PQL22/3000 Orchard Sprayer is a glass rod.

Advanced Suspension System

The PQL22/3000 orchard Orchard Sprayer comes equipped with an advanced suspension system that ensures optimal stability and smooth operation even on uneven terrain. The system helps reduce vibration and prevent excessive bouncing of the spray boom, which can cause uneven application and damage to crops. This feature helps improve the accuracy and effectiveness of spraying, while also reducing operator fatigue.

High Pump Flow Rate

With a pump flow rate of 78L/min, the PQL22/3000 orchard Orchard Sprayer ensures fast and efficient spraying, even over large areas. The high pump flow rate allows for a more even and uniform application of chemicals, reducing the need for multiple passes over the same area. This feature also helps to reduce spraying time, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources.

Convenient Folding/Lifting Mechanism

The PQL22/3000 orchard Orchard Sprayer comes with a convenient folding/lifting mechanism that allows for easy storage and transport. The boom can be easily folded and lifted to reduce the overall size of the Orchard Sprayer, making it more compact and easier to maneuver through narrow paths and gateways. This feature also makes it easier to load and unload the Orchard Sprayer onto a transport vehicle, saving time and effort.


In summary, the PQL22/3000 orchard Orchard Sprayer is an advanced, high-performance Orchard Sprayer designed for use in large orchards and fields. With its advanced suspension system, high pump flow rate, large capacity, and long spray range, this Orchard Sprayer is ideal for the efficient and effective spraying of a wide range of crops. Its convenient folding/lifting mechanism and multiple nozzle options make it a versatile and practical choice for farmers and agricultural professionals.

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