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As a leading agricultural plant protection machinery manufacturer in the world, Taizhou Sunny have manufactured 200 products of 10 series, including include manual sprayers, power sprayers, mist-dusters, thermal foggers, large- sized air blast orchard sprayers, field boom sprayers, etc., with the annual capacity of 2,000,000 units of manual sprayers, 200,000 units of power sprayers.

Some products have passed through the GS, CE, Rohs, UL, CCC and other international and national quality and safety certifications.  

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The Fogger from Taizhou Sunny Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed for efficient and thorough coverage in various applications such as disinfecting large indoor spaces, pest control in gardens and greenhouses, and mosquito control in outdoor areas. It features adjustable output for producing fine mist or fog and is available in electric or gasoline-powered models, making it versatile and effective for covering large areas quickly and penetrating hard-to-reach spaces.

Application Scenarios:

  • Disinfecting large indoor spaces

  • Pest control in gardens and greenhouses

  • Mosquito control in outdoor areas


  • Adjustable Output: Produces fine mist or fog for various applications

  • Electric or Gasoline-Powered: Versatile power options for different needs

  • High Coverage Efficiency: Quickly covers large areas and penetrates hard-to-reach spaces


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Effective for airborne particles and large area treatment

  • Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand frequent use and various chemicals

Detailed Content:

  • Handheld or Mounted Options: Flexibility in usage based on the task

  • Safety Measures Required: Proper handling and usage instructions for chemicals

  • Various Formulations: Can be used with liquid and powder formulations

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